ConvertToGeo.exe: ERROR: Too many nodes

Hi Folks

I am using 3DC to get a locomotive model into TS2020. I have worked incrementally on the model, building and testing as I go along. At each stage using the Blueprint editor to build the model to go into the game. As I approach the final model and texture tweaks (with the model 99% finished) I have suddenly encountered this new (to me) error:

[6] ConvertToGeo.exe: ERROR: Too many nodes
FILE: ..\Legacy\Geometry\cIgsToShapeConverter.cpp

I had made a number of small changes in various areas so I don’t know which change will have caused the problem. Any hints as to where I should look for the culprit? I have also asked in UKTS and will do so on the DTG forum as well.


Hi Neil,

Using the Hierarchy view in Crafter, try moving objects (brown icon) that are similar i.e. same shading and texture files, into the same group (yellow icon)
Use drag/drop or group with button on the right.

The old IA format created a “node” for each group in crafter and I think there was a fixed limit of number of nodes at any particular level.


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