Changing the origin to thecentre of a scene

Thank you for the offer. Google makes a good fist of translating it into English although, as you say, some of the English looks odd. However, it is understandable. (I also tried with Babel Fish, but found the Google translation better). I have saved the English version into a Word document and printed it out.

Its the best tutorial I have seen to-date for how to make a procedural object for RS with 3DC and get it into the game and might be worth including in the tutorials section of the Amabilis site if the author agrees.


I am trying to replicate a 3DC procedural tutorial at [img:2l4cj77b][/img:2l4cj77b]
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(its in Spanish). Looking at the tutorial, the author has changed the 0,0,0 origin from the lower left corner to the centre of the scene. How do you do that as I would find it more convenient (and logical) to have the origin in the middle of the scene. I can find nothing in the tools/options/editing that would enable me to do that.

I have mine set to the centre of the grid too.

It’s easy enough – just set up a 20×20 grid with the grid origin at -10,0,-10

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