Capicom 2

I had a W10 update 7 days ago.

For the first time since that update, I tried to run 3DC, only to see “Requires capicom 2 or higher” stop the program. Followed instructions, downloaded and ran capicom 2, but still get the same message, even after a restart. Solution?


I’ve sorted it now. I had both 9.2.2 and 9.4 versions, and both were stopped immediately I tried loading them via the shortcut. I downloaded and installed version 9.3 ……. and now they ALL work!

Almost as good as switching off and then on again …… unless you are running an airline that is!

I’m glad you found a solution. I didn’t know what it was myself.

I just came across this for myself. In my case with 3DCrafter 9.5 after I uninstalled 9.3. The solution for me was to go to Windows Uninstall, right-click and choose “repair”. And that did it.

Had this problem myself and as Richard mentions simply repairing the installation of 9.5 fixed the issue.

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