Can’t use train simulator plug ins not coming up

Thank you very much for your help. The Trainworks features are all enabled.
Everything works.


I am using 3DC Pro Ver Alpha

When I go to the Import/Export file function the Trainz IM exporter Plug in doesn’t show. When I go to Plug Ins I can’t find the IM exporter or Trainz attachment points plug in.

Now if I go to the tools menu and look under Options Import/Export Plug Ins I find the Trainz IM Exporter and I have it checked off.

If I go to the Tools Options and look in Plug Ins I find the Trainz Attachment Point Plug In and I have that box checked as well.

Can anyone help me access these plug ins?

Hi Howard,

I don’t think that all the plug-ins work with the 7.1.3 alpha version, because this is just a test version.

Use 7.1.2 instead, for this version all plug-ins should work.


I uninstalled every 3DC Program I had and Installed Version the only one available from Amabilis. Can not access the Trainz Plug Ins even though they show installed please help


Hi Howard

You can download [img:ws94f90t][/img:ws94f90t]

The plugin set from Paul Gausden for can be dowloaded [img:ws94f90t][/img:ws94f90t]

Activate the trainwork features in the menu tools/options misc. tab.
After a restart of 3DC, all the trainwork features should be active, like this



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