Can’t locate ToAce.exe

Many thanks for the file, its much appreciated



I’m just getting to grips with exporting models into Railworks. At the moment I’m using the Export function. I’m not using the Wizard as it needs ToAce to convert textures. I have had no luck in locating this program that used to reside in the old RailSim Developer tools. Anyone know where I may find it?

I’m using vers



Hi Sean

You can find the toace.exe [img:nljopvn3][/img:nljopvn3]


I think you will find that RDL have replaced it link on this page
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(Also posted on UKTrainsim)I’m working my way through Decapods simple building tutorial exporting to Railworks. On running the 3DC Railsim Wizard an error pops up saying it can’t find ToAce.exe. I have no idea where to put this file. I have tried it in the plugin folder, 3DC root and just about everywhere else. Can someone tell me where it should reside. Secondly the wizard keeps prompting for the Rail Sim installation folder. What is the correct folder for Railworks. Is it the Railworks folder, the source folder or somewhere else. No matter what I type in the prompt reappears. Thanks in advance fo any advice.

I am having the same problem, the .exe file I was directed to is called RWAceTool.exe along with a zlib1.dll, which I was told to put together in the Steam folder, however 3DC is looking for ToAce.exe. Am I to assume these are the same program and its been renamed? Will renaming RWAceTool to ToACE get it to work and will it function in the same way. This is very confusing and can’t start creating anything due to this problem. The link on the thread says we have not got permission to download from that site, please help.


Hello everyone.

I am also having problems locating this file. I even wrote to the support team at asking them to send me the file To Ace.exe. I explained exactly what is was required for.

They replied as follows: –

“We do not use any program of this name. if you are trying to create textures for Train Simualtor 2015 we no longer use files of the extension .ace. We use .dds files instead which use nvideas .dds converter.”

So they weren’t much help.

If you read this and have a copy of ToAce.exe, please send it to me. Otherwise I cannot use the wizard. The wizard was the main reason I bought 3DCrafter 9.3 in the first place.

Please help me.

You have to use the RW Ace.exe to make ACE files. It’s in the TS 2015 root folder. It wont work in the Wizard so you have to make all the ACE files yourself with RW Ace first, then use the Exporter for TS 2015 which is found under File/Export/Trainworks/Railworks Railsimulator Intermediate Geometry.IGS in 3D Crafter.

Thank you JimCrow for your kind advice and clear instructions on this. Your method works perfectly.

As it happens, somebody has also been kind enough to send me a copy of the previously available file ToAce.exe, so now I am able to use the wizard as intended. It works perfectly too – and has the advantage of being extremely convenient.

Thanks again.

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