Can't drag and drop primitives

I was using 3DC yesterday, and everything fine. Today, I can’t drag and drop primitives from the panel to the work area. I CAN do things such as import previous models, but not start new ones. Nor can I use the panel extreme right, where I can rotate the view, etc.

It’s probably me. I’ve restarted my computer, restarted 3DC, downloaded the latest version (9-4), reset my mouse. Any ideas?



Similar thing happening to me.
Can’t create primitives nor select items from previous models.
Menu items still seem to work but cannot change Views from the work area eitehr!!

Help needed please??

I have just looked at Windows Up-dates and found that Today (8th Feb) Windows had update my Nvidia Graphics driver. Just wondering if that is the culprit!!!!
Seems a likely candidate as it was fine yesterday.

Going to try and revert or install the proper Nvidia Driver and see if that helps.

Just confirmed is was the Microsoft Nvidia Driver update that causes a problem.

Did a rollback of the Driver from Device Manager and restarted PC and it now works.

Lesson: Don’t let Windows do its own thing unsupervised !! 🙁

Thanks for that Spontin. I can’t find an update. I am being particularly thick today. Could you point me in the right direction?



Sorry for late reply.
The Windows Update that caused the problem for me was one on 8th Feb and was just labelled as NVIDIA – Display 12/29/2016 12:00:00 AM –
I simply went to the Device Manage for the NVIDIA Graphics Card and clicked the RollBack (i think it was)

Hope you sorted it out

Thanks for your help Spontin.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a windows update since mid January, no NVidia update for about 6 years (that I can find), but bizarrely seem to have hit the same problem as yourself at the same time!

I’m flummoxed, but want to thank you for your help.


And now for the good news.

No luck with the problem so I decided tonight to download 3DC onto my wife’s laptop. However, having tried 3DC every day, usually several times with no luck, I thought I’d have a go on my own computer …… and, you know what I am going to say don’t you? It works, again!

I haven’t knowingly done anything, had any updates to anything, or changed anything either! Bizarre, but who cares!!


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