cannot select face

just in case you have this problem you can use the repair object geometry tool. all faces were selectable after i used this….
have a good day, pirate

i have made a human model from single mesh. there is one face on models forehead that i cannot select. i am trying out the uv mapping functions in 3DC pro 6650 and have tried everything i know to do to get it to select this one face. without this face his head is going to look funny with no skin in one spot. the face is not small it is plenty big enough to be selected easily…
i would appreciate any help, pirate

Can you send me a copy of this model (<!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>) and details on how to reproduce the problem? It sounds like I haven’t got face selection quite right yet.

To select a face that is difficult to select, right click on one of it’s edges and then choose ‘Select-andgt;Faces’ and 3DC will select the two faces that share the edge. Then you can un-select the one you don’t want.

thanks, that select-andgt;faces did the trick. this is the first face i found so far that i couldn’t select so if it happens again i’ll send the model…how do i go about sending you the model, i mostly just program games so this is new to me. usually i don’t even spend much time on forums and such but i guess i’m kinda coming out of my shell a little…
thanks a lot, pirate

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