Cannot find Train Simulator Wizard (with 3Dcrafter Pro V10)

I purchased the Pro Version of the 3D Crafter. When i want to export something into MSTS format (With Export/Trainworks) it tells me “the custom material field TXAlpha is not defined. Please run the Train Simulator Wizard to create it and set it to the default value…”

But i cannot find anywhere the Train Simulator Wizard, in older 3D Canvas Versions i think it was under tools, but there i cannot find it.I cannot as well find the field for enable or disable the trainworks functionnalities, but they are available in the export section.

Old models i built years ago with 3DCanvas i^m able to exprt, just not the new ones.

Can someone please tell how i can solce this problem? Did not found anything in the forum about…

Best regards,


Well, i^m a step further, wenn activating the pro tools, the Train Simulator Wizard is also visible, but if i try to run it, it say me:
Selection not valid for this plug-in. Shape selections are not supported.

What can be done for that? I do not really understand what is the problem from the message…

Best regards,


Hi Leo,

That sounds like the error you get when you don’t have the entire “Main” Hierarchy selected…


Hi Scott,

thank you very much for your support, unfortunately it does not seem to be the problem, or at least i still make an error…
I also made different other tries bi renaming the shape in the structure and by using old models i used to convert at the time with 3D Canvas…

With that trying to export it with the File/export/trainworks/trainsimulator i got the error message:
This MSTS export failed due to a group not containing any shapes ‘lh_board_fels3a’ ‘Camera’ ‘Point Light’

If i try to export the old model with the train simulator wizard everything seems to work fine (part identification complete, etc), but when it comes to the export that should run i get the error message:
Run-time error ’91’ Object variable or with block variable not set

I do really not recognize where i’m doing the error, thank you for any potential help,


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