can we select two points yet?

I’ve just written something very similar, but it just shifts or moves objects so that their bounding boxes touch.

I mimiced the hierarchy view to select the second object (instead of using the 3DC viewer)

As far as I was aware it is only objects you cannot multi-select, faces, edges and points (on the same object) can be multi-selected for plugins.


While I solve my other problems…

Does the getactivepoint() work with more than one point now?

What I was thinking of doing was actually selecting points on different objects, which I realise can’t be done. andnbsp;Maybe you can already do what I want in 3DC… I want to andquot;lay onandquot; – that is select a point on one object, select a point on a target object, then shift the first object by the difference – so the first object is moved onto the second point. andnbsp;That seems to me an easy way to get my feet on the ground and hair on my head. andnbsp;

Any ideas?

aw that’s clever (using the heirarchy). andnbsp;I was using one script to tell me the group number, then using that as input to a second one (before I started using NameIt and writing plugins I can’t remember the workings of)

But I still want to select points on different objects. andnbsp;What I could do is run a script that writes the coordinates to a file, then select my point on the second object, read the coordinates from the file and do the move.


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