Can someone explain why this happened?

I’ve discovered the problem and have been able to duplicate it a number of times to prove to myself that all the advise you have given hasn’t applied.
All my settings have always been correct and haven’t been changed since I set up 3DC months ago.
What I did find is this, if you texture a surface with the paint brush or the bucket fill and leave either one of those ticked then save, this will occure but, not in all cases. It seems to get worse the more complex the model becomes.
If you go ahead and tick the top arrow pointer after you’ve textured an object, everything comes out as it should. Is it a bug? Don’t know but all I have to do now is make sure I tick the top arrow thing from now on after applying textures and before I save or expoet the model.

Thanks, Paul.

First, this is a Trainz ’04 project.
Second, I’m using the latest 3DC version with Pauls latest updates.

I was minding my own business, building all these windows, when all of a sudden they turned from nice white frames to ugly gray and almost black.
I can’t seem to correct the issue and have even re-textured each window AND, upon doing so, this effect changes to differnt windows. Only one stays white, though while all the others turn dark.
Everything looks just fine in 3DC, btw. It’s only upon export into Trainz this happens.

What have I done wrong?



Take a look with the material manager and make sure the window does not have a specular value of 0 – this will cause it to ignore shadows and glow in the dark.

Alternatively use the Eye dropper tool on a window that looks OK, select the bright window and run the update material plugin.

As I mentioned, there are no bright or dark windows in 3DC. Everything looks fine there, it’s upon export into Trainz that the windows change. It’s not always the same windows either.

Everything else has been checked and double checked, Paul.

I’m going to separate the window texture from the texture map to see if that helps any.
It just dawned on me to try it this way.

I’ve had to make another texture mapping file with the windows and the roof in it.
Still not sure why all this happened but this solved it.


I still suspect the specular or possibly ambient material value(?) was wrong.

It would not look much different in 3DC but the exporter would use these values and the TRS rendering engine would show the model differently.

You can never compare any model in any modelling tool with the in-game representation as the rendering engines are different.

The object properties window from the right mouse click is also good for viewing materials used in an object.

As always, fewer materials is more efficient for games.

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