Can I ask a plugin question yet?

It is the most interesting as it is not just a script. andnbsp;I’ve been trying to understand it to help me do what I want to do. andnbsp;I’m trying to use a form which displays a database of objects to create: for example parameters for a particular landform that the plugin uses to apply textures to a terrain.

The form comes up in 3DC OK, and I can add to and change the database entries OK, but I can’t get the database entries into variables back on the main form where the code is.

The Name it script I think shows how to do this by putting all the code on one form, but that form needs to know how to create a 3DC Object. VB has become too complicated for my noodle…

I was also thinking of manipulating the textures database in the plugin (actually a copy of it). andnbsp;It was quite easy to do but I thought of a better way to do it. andnbsp;But it prompts a couple of questions. andnbsp;Will the database format stay the same? andnbsp;And will there be methods for the other entries in the database tables – such as raytracing properties?

That’s all for now <!– s:-) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!– s:-) –>. andnbsp;I’m going back to my flowers.

I will ask anyway.

I can’t compile the NameIt dll supplied with the beta.

Using VB 6 Pro. andnbsp;Tells me I don’t have the required licence and I think it’s referring to the viewport object in the NameIt form.

Is this a problem with not having the right VB. andnbsp;A 3dC problem. andnbsp;A problem with me?

Or are plugins still off topic?


Oh yeah, it is on my list for 5.0 to fix it.


As you noticed NameIt has a problem with licenses. I am providing the correct license, but for some reason it gives that error. Too bad too because it was one of the neater ones. 3DC.exe is an ActiveX EXE and 3DCView is an ActiveX control that references 3DC.exe. It is 3DCView that has the problem. I wonder if I have to provide the license for 3DC also? That might be it.

So, I guess the answer is: I think it is a VB problem, maybe.


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