boning a curved beak

so if I understand creckly; one day I’ll be able to add a stegosaurus tibia to the scene, then use a script to attach it to three randomly selected points of a gnat’s knee?

I’ve got a bird with a curved beak, and I want to attach bones to the top and bottom bills. But because they are curved and close together, it’s difficult (imposs?) to assign points to the bone of one and not the other.

Can’t script it – I’d like to, say, select points and assign them to a bone, but bones have a get, not a set, if you know what I mean?

Any ideas, before I start remodelling to avoid the problem?

There isn’t likely anything you can do. You could try using the ‘irregular extent’ but that may or may not help. The standard thing to do when modelling for volume based bones is to spread apart fingers etc to the max to make it easier to attach bones. ([img:18lfuhp3][/img:18lfuhp3]


thought as much. It could be done with a bucket load of little bones, but it will be easier to straighten and open the beak first. Not a realistic bird, so I can be a little omnipotent (and oxmoronic).

Is attachement by script likely to happen, or is there some mysterious barrier to this?

The only barrier to doing this via scripting is my time.


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