Paul, Thanks for your help. I will press on today and hope I can make some progress.

All the best and thanks


Hello All, Its the first time I have been on this forum. I have been developing my route in Railsim and Railworks for 2 years or so, great fun. To finish, I have to produce a wide range of billboards. I have not made a model before but tried 3DC and this week upgraded to the Pro Version. That was the easy part I think. I have browsed around this forum and realised how little I know.

Can some kind soul advise me of the following?

1) I have version What version should I use? I do not wish to waste time learning diferent versions

2) There seems to be two export methods to create the IGS file one with a wizard and one that does not use it. Which should be used. The wizard forces you to go to railsim directory

3) Do you have to use the tools in railworks or do I have to load the Railsim tools.

If any body can me some wise wods I would be grateful

Many thanks


1) Uninstall and install

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Some have moved to 8.1.3 which is quite different and new but 7.1.2 is very stable

I have a few extra plugins for 7.1.2 here:
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2) The wizard just helps place the IGS file and textures in an appropriate folder.
Most people use the wizard once to get things running, then the IGS export for tweaking.
You just need to copy the files to the railworks folder.

There’s a good list of tutorials here:
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