Ask for object properties… BLAM!

Yes, you guessed correctly…

and… it doesn’t happen in 6.51

so it might have been a fluke… or a bad PC moment… sometimes my system goes BLAM for the oddest reasons…

Odd… I’m using 6.5 and I’m working on a model from 5.7a (fist conversion session) and I know it has really ‘old’ parts in it… (Pre-5.7 … like 5.5 or so)

If I ask for properties of a particular object the program crashes (#94 error? I think) and on 2 occaisions it reboot XP..

Is my model hosed somehow or is it 3DC?

I’m going to try 6.51 and see if it helps.

I assume that you tried this recently on another model 6.5 model and it didn’t cause any problems?

Can you send me the model and textures? (<!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>)


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