Animating wipers

I have no idea about MSTS so this is just a guess.
Is it not a case of resetting the pivot point (hinge or whatever it is called)to the correct angle so it lies flat along the window ? Then you should only need to rotate it around the z angle ? Just thinking this would make it easier than having to alter all three positions – but maybe this can’t be done in MSTS.

There is a good tutorial on how to animate wipers in the MSTS tutorial section. However, in the example shown, the wipers are in a vertical position and it is only necessary to change one dimension in the orientation properties – Z in the example. I have a situation where the window is 30 degrees off the vertical axis and in that situation, I need to adjust not only the movement along the Z axis, but also the movements that automatically occur along the X and Y axis. I have tried doing this by ‘eye’, but the result is a noticeably wobbly movement. It works and at a distance the wobble is not a problem, but close-up the wobble is very evident. What I wondered is if there is a formula by which one could accurately calculate for a given movement along the ‘Z’ axis (say 20 degrees as in the tutorial)the number of degrees the object (wiper) then needs to be moved along the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axis in order to ensure a smooth movement from left to right.


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