Adjusting a Group’s Frame

I second that, MaineLines!

Also, when mirroring, I woul’d like to be able to mirror relative to the frame pivot rather than to the centre of the bounding box <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>


Is there a way to change the position of the frame shared by a group relative to the group without disturbing the relationship of the members of the group to each other? Hope that makes sense.

You can ungroup them by right-clicking on each object and selecting andquot;make childandquot;. Then you can adjust the frame of the one remaining object in the main frame. That should do it I think. I think it will then retain relative positions of everything.


I andnbsp;got myself in trouble by grouping a bunch of objects together without first making sure that the frame of the reference object was in the correct position. I’ll know better next time. :-/

No there isn’t a way. I can imagine why you might want to though.



That works. Thank you! Just wish I could center a frame to an object rather than centering the object to the frame.

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