9.3.1649 Plugins

I already posted this in the plugins section, but just in case Paul and/or Richard see it here first…

I desperately need some help with the 9.3.1649 plugins. Is there any way you can remove the version check from your .msi install? I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall 9.3.1649, and when I try to install the plugin’s, I get a message saying that a new version has already been installed. I’m basically dead in the water modeling wise until this gets fixed. The doubleside plugin/operator is missing. Up until the last plugin install, I never had this issue. I was always able to reinstall plugins by just double clicking the .msi install file. Thank you!


Update to the above post… and posted in the plugins forum.

Finally got it to work. It turns out there is a conflict between v10 and 9.3. I uninstalled everything except 9.3, spent several hours cleaning up the registry of old entries, and was able to finally get the .1649 plugins to install. Somehow, the .1649 install is checking for more recent versions, and is finding them in v10. I would think the two versions would be isolated from each other, but apparently not. I’m going to update the post in the technical problems forum for Richard. This is something that I think the two of you may need to work on… especially since v10 is still in beta. I would like to be testing v10 while using 9.3, and I would imagine I’m not the only user in this boat. Thank you!


Thanks for finding that Howard – I’ll try and unlink the two plugin installs for when Richard brings out the next version of 3DC10

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