5.07 – 6.01 Interaction?

The one on the left looks correct for 5.0. The andquot;right-clickandquot; operations arrived in version 5.5. That is when the majority of the menu changes occured.


I finally upgraded to 6.0.1 leaving 5.0.7 in place on my machine.

When using 5.0.7 I now get different behavior than expected on a right click of an object.

In the attached jpg the left menu is what 5.0.7 now presents on right click of an object, the menu on the right is what I normally expect and is presented by 6.0.1.

I’m used to the andquot;usualandquot; right click response, is the above due to a bug or a broken install? Both versions seem otherwise OK so far.

Well… Richard’s mad at me anyway…lets chalk it off as a gross error on the programmer’s part, ok? {that dirty …..]

Unfortunately Win98se doesn’t cough that up as part of the add/remove form…

Yes, my toast did land butterside down both times in correcting the mis-install <!– s:-) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!– s:-) –>

Hey andnbsp;Deanville ,
andnbsp;I’ve done that, you can look at andquot;last date usedandquot; will help.Hindsite is so *andamp;*andamp;andamp;


You are right Richard. Looks like I did a mis-install.

I had 6.0 on the machine and in attempting to delete it in preparation for 6.0.1, I actually deleted 5.7a (The add/remove window does not distinguish between 3DC revs and I always pick the wrong one). I must have reinstalled from my backup folder andquot;5.0.7andquot; rather than andquot;5.7.andquot;

I should be able to fix it now, thanks. Now all I have to do is flip a coin to pick the andquot;3DCandquot; entry to delete… and the upgrade entry too…

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