3DCrafter 10 Preview Available

I’m still investigating, but I’m hoping to get an update out on Monday that will address at least some of the issues.

I have some issues in 3DC 9.3 that I’m trying to resolve, so that’s delaying a new version of 3DC 10.

I’m slowly trickling out fixes to v10. All very minor. Today it was window position and a few bugs related to restoration of open panels on 3DC startup.

I’ve updated the preview with some minor changes to the context tabs for points and edges. There are also some very minor bug fixes.

Just tried the new preview , loads models from V9 without problems, and seem to be able to model OK with the tools I tried. Still have a problem with the Train Simulator IGS exporters though. Both crash.

Tried some experimenting with the Train Sim IGS exporters. Tried exporting the same large model with all textures removed and it exported. Replaced the textures and it crashed. Exports fine in V9.3.

Oh… Darn… I thought I had that fixed. I’ll probably need the model and textures to find the problem. I’m off on holidays at the moment but I’ll check when I get back. “assistance at amabilis.com”

Emailed a link to the files. Has subject heading of “Files to test Train Simulator IGS exporters”

Thanks Jim. Got them. I won’t be able to work on them right away unfortunately.

where is the download link?

At the top of Page 1 of this topic (in green).

Hi Folks,

Wow – this is going to take some getting used to – LOL – I liked the old interface – guess I was used to it since I’ve been with 3DC since version 6…

Only took a cursory look around…

Where do you put 3DC into select point, edge, or face mode ?

We could really use ZOOM on the crop window as I routinely use 2048×2048 textures and it’s impossible to get an accurate crop…



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Yes, it’s quite a change. But I’m trying to keep version 9.3 updated for those who don’t want to upgrade.

I’ll be writing something to help version 9 users with the transition. I hesitate to do it until I have the new interface set in stone though. That should happen in the next few weeks.

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