3DCrafter 10 Classic

A new version of 3DCrafter 10 with much of the classic 3DCrafter interface will soon be available. The installer has passed certification at the Windows Store and should be available any day. Certainly within the next week.

Many of you probably know about the 3DCrafter 10 saga. The goal was to replace the 3DCrafter menu interface with a ribbon interface. Unfortunately there were many issues including crashes due to the ribbon itself, and most notably serious problems with the installer.

A lot of people didn’t like the new interface, and preferred the classic interface. I’m not sure I agree entirely, but ultimately it is what the people want, not me. So, I’ve decided to move forward with the old interface, but refined.

The last while I’ve been working to move the new features of 3DCrafter 10 to the classic interface. That job is mostly done now.

So, what happens to 3DCrafter 10 with the new interface? I’ve decided to split that off into a separate product that I am writing that will be used exclusively to create content for a games, and in particular a game that I wrote. The new product is called 3D Creator™ (yeah, I need the ™… some may remember 3D Canvas becoming 3DCrafter due to a missing ™) . I’m not sure when it will be available. But anyone who wants a copy can have one. Anyone who has 3DCrafter Pro, can have a copy of 3D Creator™ Pro (or whatever I call it). Also, if you have 3DCrafter Pro, you can have the add-ons for the game. I’ll provide a link for that later.

New in 3DCrafter 10 Classic

o) Autodesk FBX exporter, primarily for exporting for games, including Train Sim World.

o) Open Source extensions (formerly called plug-ins) for exporting, importing and processing geometry. They can be installed into both the freeware and Pro versions.

o) Support for Java Scripts including in the freeware version

o) Windows Store certified installer, with auto-updating (optional).

o) Many 3DCrafter Pro features are now part of the freeware version including:
-exporters for virtually every train simulator including Dovetail Game’s Train Simulator
-3D Studio (3ds) exporter
-3DCrafter Pro’s additional modelling operations
-Several Amabilis written extensions (formerly called plug-ins) including the Train Simulator Wizard

o) The Navigation Controls is gone. Gone forever. It was more trouble than it was worth. People tended to get lost, get things turned upside down etc. It has been replaced by “Orbit”, “Pan”, and “Zoom”. These are on the toolbar, but they can also be accesssed via the center mouse wheel/button. Orbit is the center button, Pan is the shift key held down with the center mouse button, and Zoom is the scroll wheel.

o) The Edit Control is now “compact”. It is basically the same thing, but making it “compact” makes the various surfaces easier to click on because I can orient things more suitably. The one thing you’ll notice is that the vertical scale/move are gone. But, all you have to do is right-click on the surfaces to get vertical scale/move. Just like if you were clicking on an object to move it up and down. I want to get rid of the Edit Control completely at some point, but there are really too many things to do, and I want to put out something as a starting point.

o) When you select a single shape, the bounding cage now has “handles”, that allow you to resize a shape. When resizing with these handles the shapes edges snap to other objects in the scene as well as the grid.

o) Shapes now auto-align to the grid and other shapes when being moved.

o) more coming

Free Upgrades

Any current owner of 3DCrafter Pro 9 will receive unlimited free upgrades.

Many of 3DCrafter Plus’s features are now included in the freeware version. So, anyone with 3DCrafter Plus 9 will receive an automatic free upgrade to 3DCrafter Pro 10 and its future upgrades.

Retrofitted to 3DCrafter 9

I’ve released a beta of 3DCrafter 9.5 that includes one notable feature of 3DCrafter 10: Support for 3DCrafter 10’s open source extensions. Some people will want to continue with version 9, if only because it will be available for Windows 7. This retrofit will allow them to export to FBX (for Train Sim World) and possibly have a number of new enhancements without the trouble of going to version 10.

Note: The installer is currently a Windows Store style installer that works only with Windows 10, which is a bit of a hassle. This is just during the beta period so that it doesn’t interfere with version 9.3. The final version will be available to Windows 7 and will replace 9.3 entirely. Unfortunately both won’t be able to be installed at the same time when the Windows 7 compatible installer becomes available.

I forgot to mention that many of the new features I write for my game related modeler (3DCreator™) will automatically be added to 3DCrafter (and vice versa) since they share a code base. That’s a big win for 3DCrafter users because it means there will be more frequent updates and bug fixes.

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