3DCrafter 10 Classic Available


Got the cer to install correctly no problem….now when I double click the .appx file it asks me what program I want to use to open it….how should I proceed?



I finally got it installed using Windows Powershell…for some reason it would not install with just a double click…always asked me what program to use to open it…anyway got it and tried the fonts …they work great no problems with the text becoming too small…nice job fixing this so fast….appreciate it.



Something else (nitpicky) that I noticed and this was in both the 10.2 and the patch you sent me…any words with i or L in them have a brownish tint over these letters on my system…don’t know if you see the same in 2K.
It is only the tutorial message not the menus or anywhere else.
I have a screen grab of it up close (the tutorial message on the right side of the screen once you start 3DC).
But don’t know how to send it to you. I see the HTML below but don’t know how to get the pic into this message (sorry).


Glad to hear it is fixed. I thought that I might never figure that one out. (seriously)

So… as I see it, Windows 10 is here forever according to Microsoft, there won’t be any new standards for monitors much beyond 4K for years and years, and 3D Crafter works on a 4K monitor on Windows 10, AND made it to the Windows Store. So, that means 3D Crafter has another 10 years of life at least. 🙂

You can send me emails at amabilissoftware at gmail. (The bug reports form goes there, but it doesn’t have an attachment option.)

Does anyone have the same problem with download 10.2 from the Window Store??
It just take for ever……………….. have been sitting here for 20 minutes and all it says is “Starting Download”.

I think I had that problem once a while back. I think I had to leave and come back for it to work. I forget though.

I have noticed a problem with the 10.2 version (downloaded via Windows App Store) which I don’t know if it is just me??

When I load up a complex model from 9.3 (complex in the sense it has a lot of parts) if I try to move a group of say only 10 parts, the parts are not following the mouse in “real-time” as the did before. There seems to be a time lag before the screen renders the new positions.
A simple new model from 10.2 with a few components, cube, cylinder etc, seems fine and renders moves as they happen but haven’t built a new large model in 10.2 yet

Just confirmed that this does not occur with the 10.1 version (downloaded from Amabilis site and not WIndows App Store)

Anyone experiencing the same or any suggestions??

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I have the same problem. I’m looking into it.

Ok, it turns out it was just me doing something especially dumb. I should be able to fix it quickly.

Ok, that’s fixed. It will take about 3-4 days to arrive in the Windows Store. But, if you’d like it sooner:

1) Uninstall 3D Crafter 10 from the Windows store
2) Download this: amabilis.com/downloads/3DCrafter.zip
3) Follow the instructions in the Read Me.
4) In about a week uninstall this version and install the one from the Windows Store, so you can get auto-updates.

Oh… Paul’s plug-ins and my extensions don’t work with this version (currently). I had to make a “plug-in breaking change” so that I could improve the undo/redo and I decided it was worth the hassle. Sorry!

Thanks Richard. I will wait for the Windows Store update
Hopefully Paul will re-do his plug-ins again 🙂

I’m sure he will fairly soon.

Actually, I think the new version is available now.

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