3DCrafter 10 Classic Available

A new version of 3DCrafter 10 with much of the classic 3DCrafter interface is now available for Windows 10 in the Windows Store.

Download 3DCrafter 10 for Windows 10

New in 3DCrafter 10 is a set of Open Source extensions. The idea is to make it easier for people who “write their own” features. The biggest feature right now is the FBX exporter which is commonly used for games.

Download 3DCrafter 10 Extensions for Windows 7/8/10

Many of you probably know about the 3DCrafter 10 saga. The goal was to replace the 3DCrafter menu interface with a ribbon interface. Unfortunately there were many issues including crashes due to the ribbon itself, and most notably serious problems with the installer.

A lot of people didn’t like the new interface, and preferred the classic interface. I’m not sure I agree entirely, but ultimately it is what the people want, not me. So, I’ve decided to move forward with the old interface, but refined.

So, what happens to 3DCrafter 10 with the new interface? I’ve decided to split that off into a separate product that I am writing that will be used exclusively to create content for a games, and in particular a game that I wrote. The new product is called 3D Creator™ (yeah, I need the ™… some may remember 3D Canvas becoming 3DCrafter due to a missing ™) . I’m not sure when it will be available. But anyone who wants a copy can have one. Anyone who has 3DCrafter Pro, can have a copy of 3D Creator™ Pro (or whatever I call it). Also, if you have 3DCrafter Pro, you can have the add-ons for the game. I’ll provide a link for that later.

New in 3DCrafter 10 Classic

o) The Navigation Controls is gone. Gone forever. It was more trouble than it was worth. People tended to get lost, get things turned upside down etc. It has been replaced by “Orbit”, “Pan”, and “Zoom”. These are on the toolbar, but they can also be accessed via the center mouse wheel/button. Orbit is the center button, Pan is the shift key held down with the center mouse button, and Zoom is the scroll wheel.

o) The Edit Control is now “compact”. It is basically the same thing, but making it “compact” makes the various surfaces easier to click on because I can orient things more suitably. The one thing you’ll notice is that the vertical scale/move are gone. But, all you have to do is right-click on the surfaces to get vertical scale/move. Just like if you were clicking on an object to move it up and down. I want to get rid of the Edit Control completely at some point, but there are really too many things to do, and I want to put out something as a starting point.

o) When you select a single shape, the bounding cage now has “handles”, that allow you to resize a shape. When resizing with these handles the shapes edges snap to other objects in the scene as well as the grid.

o) Shapes now auto-align to the grid and other shapes when being moved. (the bottom right corner is the snap to point – rotate to a different view to snap to a different corner)

o) Autodesk FBX exporter, primarily for exporting for games, including Train Sim World. (Coming soon as a separate download)

o) Open Source extensions (formerly called plug-ins) for exporting, importing and processing geometry. They can be installed into both the freeware and Pro versions.

o) Simplified interface for novices (optional)

o) Improved separation of Modelling and Animation modes

o) Support for Java Scripts including in the freeware version

o) Windows Store certified installer, with auto-updating (optional). (Coming soon)

o) Many 3DCrafter Pro features are now part of the freeware version including:
-exporters for virtually every train simulator including Dovetail Game’s Train Simulator
-3D Studio (3ds) exporter
-3DCrafter Pro’s additional modelling operations
-Several Amabilis written extensions (formerly called plug-ins) including the Train Simulator Wizard

Free Upgrades

Any current owner of 3DCrafter Pro 9 will receive unlimited free upgrades.

Many of 3DCrafter Plus’s features are now included in the freeware version. So, anyone with 3DCrafter Plus 9 will receive an automatic free upgrade to 3DCrafter Pro 10 and its future upgrades.

I’ve released an update today. Same link as above.

I’d really like to know if anyone successfully installs on Windows 7 or Windows 8. Or unsuccessfuly for that matter.

I’ve released a small update today. Same link as above.

I’ve also released the 3DCrafter 10 Extensions (basically just the FBX exporter). The link is above, and it needs the 3DCrafter 10 I just released to be installed.

Again, I’d really like to know if anyone successfully installs on Windows 7 or Windows 8. Or unsuccessfuly for that matter.

Richard, I’ve installed V10.1 (build 1800) to it’s default location OK (Win10). When run it comes up as “Windows Store Edition”.
– like with 9.5 I don’t have access to Material Manager in the Extensions drop down.
– If I try to change to “Pro Toolset” I’m asked if I want to connect to the internet then am taken to the v9 “Upgrades” page.
– If I put a new primative into the scene and select it I don’t see any “handles” appear to allow resizing
– The help menu still has an “enter licence code” option but I don’t have access to my code at present so can’t see what happens if I put it in.

This will be pretty much exclusively a “Windows Store” edition, but I’m providing this version of the installer for those who don’t have Windows 10 yet.

Unfortunately with this version you will definitely need to find and enter your license code.

With Regedit you can find it in the registry here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\3DCrafter9\Registration

The handles only appear if you move the mouse to one of the corners of the bounding box. The idea is to keep the handles out of the way for the most part.

Ok, understood. Done the licence code and it upgrade to “Professional Edition” and all plugins were instantly available (without a restart as suggested by the message box). Like the handles, quite niffty. In 3D view though I could only get the shape to re-scale along X and Z., never in Y. Had to change to a side view to get Y re-scaling. Might be nice if the re-scaling was constrained to the face of the handle side selected, then all three directions could be done from one view?

Y is right-click drag. Just like the updated edit control. It’s kind of like how if you want to move something up and down in 3DCrafter 9 and earlier you right-click drag.

Yep, that works, cheers.

Have come across an odd issue this morning. I have both latest 9.5 and 10.1 installed, but in 10.1 I get a screen artifact. Using the “select 5 views” setup I drop a cube primitive into the scene then click on “zoom….. entire model”. I then zoom out slightly of the top right 3D view and a large black triangle appears across the grid in the background. Doing the exact same thing in 9.5 gives no such problem. (Not sure how to add a screenshot).

I’m having trouble making that happen, but I came across another bug while trying it. So, I’ll keep looking.


I “think” I have that fixed for the next release. I never did reproduce it, but I made some changes that SHOULD resolve these sorts of issues. Fingers crossed!

I have just installed 3D Crafter 10.2 from Microsoft Store on my Windows 10 64-bit machine and have a problem with the interface. When it first starts up 3D Crafter 10.2 menus look normal and readable, except for the top menu items (File, View, etc), these are way too small and not readable, but as I mouse over the other menu options they too change font to a way too small font. Any ideas how to overcome this…currently I use the magnifier in Windows to see these menus as it is impossible to see anything after mousing over them.
My screen resolution is 3840 x 2160 32-bit

I have wondered what would happen with 3DC on a 4K monitor.

I do use something “special” for the menus that might be the cause of the difficulties. I’ll have a look to see if I can reproduce it here.

I managed to reproduce it here, so that makes it easier to fix.

One thing I noticed that might help is that if you click the windows title bar before clicking the menu the menu items are larger and readable. At least that’s how it was on my computer here.


I “think” I have it fixed for the next release. At least it doesn’t seem to happen on my computer anymore in 2K mode (I can’t do 4k).

I was wondering… does this happen with 9.5 or earlier?



This version may resolve the problem: amabilis.com\downloads\3DCrafter.zip

It has some special install instructions since we’re bypassing the Windows Store to deliver a Windows Store app.

You may need to uninstall your current version before installing this version.

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