3DCrafter 10 Beta 4 Available

I decided to spend the day working on error handling. I’m going to work towards an ideal of “Error occurs – 3DC behaves strangely – user has opportuntity to close and re-open” rather than “Error occurs – 3DC crashes”.

The idea is that most errors are not really critical enough to have 3DC simply shut down. I don’t always have the power to stop a crash, but I think there are more cases out there where I can.

So in short, “More fault tolerant”

This change to error handling is pretty big. Bigger than I thought. It might in the short term cause more errors than it resolves, but in the end run it will definitely be a benefit.

The new fault tolerance is looking good so far. I had 3DC deliberately produce errors that would normally crash 3DC 9, but in all of my tests 3DC 10 has survived unscathed.

That doesn’t mean that 3DC 10 will never crash, but I think there will be a difference. There are some errors, such as those produced by third party software that I have no control over and will still crash 3DC. And no doubt I’ll make a mistake here and there that will cause a crash. But… let’s just say “fingers crossed”.

The next beta is being delayed by problems I’m having with a third party product I use for importing and exporting. It is causing crashes and I haven’t been able to find a work-around yet.

I’ve hit a brick wall with exporting. It is a “back to the drawing board” situation.

5 DAYS! Worst bug EVER! But it is fixed now. I’m going to take a couple of days off. 🙂

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