3DCrafter 10 Beta 1 Available

BFM, I just made some space (and I’m editing your message to remove my email address – bots like email addresses in forums I think)

It looks like there are some bugs related to lights. I’ll put it on my list.

Loading… did I have a progress bar before? I don’t remember.

I wonder if it is just too big to be delivered. Not sure if I’ve got a file that big before. It should be OK though I think.

BFM, maybe split it in two. I’d really like to try it out on my computers.

It made it here this time. Trying it out…

It’s midnight where I am, so I will see in the morning how you got on.


I see that I broke the appearance of controls in this beta. So if you see ugly looking circa 1998 appearance to drop down lists, spinners etc… know that a fix is coming 🙂

Would it be possible to have a right click menu pop out for relevant operations. Would be better than having to keep going back to the ribbon to swap selections on a large monitor, such as between Orbit, Pan, Look, Zoom etc.

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Hi Jim

You can do most of the things you mention (orbit, pan, zoom) with the middle mouse button / wheel plus ctrl / shift.


Think I chose a bad example there Jim. A better example is something like Shape Operations, were I have to keep going back to the operation select window all the time to change. Far easier to have them available on right click. You’ll tell me next there are shortcuts to all of them 🙂

I thought it was time I installed v10 on my elderly laptop (vista 32 bit) but setup.exe won’t run at all. Internet Explorer reports it as ‘unsafe’! Any idea why this shoudl be?

Richard, you were asking which operation were rarely / ever used. Bit too early to give a proper answer to this but I have not used the pan / zoom / walk etc buttons yet as I use the middle mouse button / wheel.

I have started experimenting with the quick access bar. Once a model starts taking shape I like to do test renders quite often so I have added the povray function to the quick access bar, I’m sure I’ll be able to use it for other things too.

At the moment I have settled on the ‘intermediate’ level setup. Like someone mentioned earlier I could not find the lights panel when in ‘expert’ mode. Intermediate seems to be a bit more logical but early days yet.

V10 is looking good now though, must be a major job getting everything to work properly.



This is exactly what I’m looking to find. Usuability issues. But, I don’t quite understand. Maybe if you give me an example. Say “Click shape”, “click smooth operation”, etc. and then tell me how would be better. It’s quite possible there is a way to do it without having to remember ctrl-keys, or I could come up with something that would do the job that fits with how the ribbon works.


I agree. Pan/zoom/walk don’t really need to be there, except that most people will just jump in and start playing and will wonder how to move around. I considered removing them for “expert” mode, but then I found a way to make them smaller (with smaller screens) and I felt that was enough.

To install, maybe right-click and then choose “save”? Then run it from wherever it is saved? Also, if you are using vista, you may need to install something extra. Technically v10 is Windows 7 and higher (shoulda mentioned that), but there’s a way to make it run and most vista installs it will just run. You’ll know when you actually get the installer to start.

And thanks! I struggled for the longest time for a direction for v10. But I found it now and I’m inspired. 🙂 There’s some cool modelling stuff coming in v10.1 (and hopefully Renderman and many of the other things I’ve talked about over the past year in v10.2).

What I’m trying to get at is minimizing mouse movements, rather then having to constantly move the cursor back and forth to the ribbon, or selection window to select operations, you have a menu pop out on a right click. Some are already there such as create edge, extrude etc. I use two other CAD programs at work, and they both use this method for just about everything selectable, in context as to what operation you are currently performing. Saves a lot of wrist ache on large monitors.


I’ve removed them from the right-click menu. But they can be put back easily enough. I’ll have to think on that. The reason I removed them was to simplify things. The right-click menu was too crowded I thought. I can see your point on large monitors.

Maybe have a “most used operation(s)” on the right-click menu by selection type. Straight forward to do. What do you think about that one? The goal being to have the one(s) you use a lot there, and reduce the right-click menu’s crowding. Or perhaps have that only in “intermediate” and/or “expert” modes. I want things as straight forward for beginners as possible.

I think its always going to be a problem having tools that a user might need always available, people will always want something different. For example I was experimenting with a simple scene, modifying a cube, when I found I needed the movement constraint options. I have now moved the constraint options to the quick access toolbar so they are always handy.

Just a thought, but would it be possible to have the quick access toolbar pop up at the cursor location when a user right clicks? I am not a fan of having too many hot keys to remember but maybe ctrl+right click could bring up just the quick access menu?


The Quick Access in V9 was almost right apart from it never popped up at the cursor even with “Auto Align” on, but sometimes half a screen away. Also even with “All Available” on I never seemed to have available the ops I needed. If it’s possible to have the Quick Access appear at the cursor on right click, and be fully user customizable, that would probably be ideal.

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