3DCrafter 10 Beta 1 Available

I’m guessing there is something flakey about the installer. It’s supposed to add a “amabilis software” item to your start menu and “3DCrafter” shortcut.

The name of the executable is 3DC.exe and it is located somewhere in your users\yourname\appdata folder. There’s no way to know for sure because Windows does it and hides it. On purpose I think. This is where these “clickonce” applications such as v10 are installed. But there really should be an item added to your start menu.

Best guess it is in: C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0

I’ll have to do some research as to why it isn’t always adding start menu items.


“I use extrude shapes fairly often and there are a few bugs, some were there in 3DC9
Can’t zoom on some views, can’t fix a point with double click and can’t join the last to first point to make a solid object.”

The zoom will work in the next release I just fixed it. As for double-click… I am virtually certain it was changed to alt-click a release or two ago.

Just tried the latest version. 3DC went off and checked for a new version as expected, this was then installed without problems. I didn’t remove the old version first. No sign-in screen this time, 3DC fired up and worked fine.

Also on exit I just get a 3DC has stopped working message whereas I used to get another message following this.


I’m constantly getting “Licence Code Entered is not valid”. It did work before. I have tried deleting all files including prerequisites, and all the files you mention in user/apps etc. and reinstalling, but still get the same invalid message.

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Can you send the one you are trying to “assistance at amabilis.com”? Thanks.


Forgot to mention. Relax is for skins. I should move it to a “skins” context tab.

I’ll fix delete.

The operations panel is only available now to pro users. It is supposed to be used rarely. If it is used more than just once and again then probably I don’t have all the important operations on the context tabs. Let me know if there is one in particular that causes you to use the operations panel.


Any button can be moved to the “Quick Access” toolbar (where the save button and undo/redo is) by right-clicking on it, and choosing “add to quick access”. It will be there the next time you start 3DC. This allows you to close up the ribbon (via a button on the right side) for times you want maximum screen space.

Apologies. Think I’m having one of those days Richard. I was copying/pasting the code. I had not noticed a blank space tagged on the end. All working now thanks.

I will be happy to send you the Cab project which I have been working on. How should I send it? I have attempted to do a few very simple operations on it to-day and I’m sorry to say that it is very frustrating. Even a simple action such as adding a new object to the scene and moving it around sends the program into a long ‘non responding’ phase before it eventually reacts to the instruction. When I try to use the Duplicate function, it always defaults to the 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 setting (so I am unable to duplicate a face or shape in exactly the same position as the original). The zoom function in the three UV mapping operations is not working. I also find it a bit annoying that every time I select an object, the selection Tab opens even if I do not want to use a function on that tab – e.g – if I only want to zoom in or re-orientate my view of the shape, I have to go back to the Home tab.

When I view one of the panels on the left hand side, should the window over which it opens not re-size so that the view of work under the panel is visible? This is especially important when I have the operations panel open.

Lastly – for the present – how do you add additional lights to a scene?. I have been unable to locate the lights panel which in previous versions was included with the Primitives, Shape builders and Bones.



You can send it to “assistance at amabilis.com”.

The idea with this new version is that panels generally need not be kept open. But if they are kept open you would work in the view space available. You might need to adjust the dividers betwen views to even them up to make up for the panel space. It seems “different”, but actually provides more view space than reserving a whole edge of the screen for it. Well, that’s what “I” think anyhow.

Lights are in the “layout” toolset. But if you hate to switch to “layout” you can change to “Expert” mode (via the options tab) which combines “Build”, “Paint” and “Layout” into one. I think “Intermediate” is best, because it keeps things out of the way that aren’t needed and reduces clutter.

New version available. It installed just fine on my test computer. Fingers crossed that it will do the same for everyone.

Here’s how you can help with v10:

Do you ever find an operation that is not on the ribbon that you need, and if so which ones? And how often? I’m interested in the ones that you use frequently. The goal is to make it so the operations panel rarely needs to be used.

Also, are there any operations on the ribbon that you NEVER use? (There are some on there that I need to provide even though they are uncommon because the freeware version doesn’t have access to the operations panel)

Just took Beta 1 out for a quick test drive. The user interface is much improved over 9. I did find that the Properties screen did not open, and when I right click on a shape, the shape properties or group properties did not display.

Also, it would be nice to have a key command for obit, pan, and zoom. Having to return to the Home tab each time to move around the object is frustrating. For example, Sketchup uses the O key for orbit, H to pan, and I believe Z to zoom. By using a key to switch those commands, I can stay within a ribbon and not have to navigate off. Just a suggestion.

Overall though, I do like v10. Since I use 3DCrafter for Railworks / Rail Simulator objects, I’m hoping that Paul’s plugin’s will be available shortly after the final release. Keep up the good work… and thank you again for keeping the product alive.


I’ll add those shortcuts.

Tried sending the project but received the following message:

Your mail message to the following address(es) could not be delivered.
This is a permanent error. Please verify the address(es) and try again.

<assistance at amabilis.com>:
child status 100…The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user’s mailfolder is full.

My zipped file is about 10mb.

I found the lights under the View tab in the Intermediate Mode. But I still can’t find them under ‘Expert’ mode, There is a light button in the View tab in Expert mode, but it seems to only hide them.

A further suggestion would be to restore the loading bar. Loading a large project takes some time and the little circle chasing its tail could easily be taken as the ‘non-responding’ icon.


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