3D Crafter 10.2 Underway

3D Crafter 10.2 is almost ready to go out the door. It should be available in about a week I think.

There’s really only one new feature but it’s a pretty big one, I think. In 3DC 10.2 you will be able to draw primitives rather than drag and drop. The old drag and drop feature will still be there for those who like that. It works especially well for orienting primitives. For instance if you draw a cylinder on the side of a cube the cylinder is aligned “out” away from the cube face drawn on. (I hope that make sense)

I’ll also be reorganizing toolbars a bit. It may take some getting used to, but it probably won’t take long. Tools will be on the main toolbar instead of the edit toolbar. It was necessary because I need a drop-down box for the primitives and that only really worked on the main toolbar. It also reduce the amount of mouse movement required somewhat.

I’m thinking of adding one more new feature to 10.2, drawing polygons on shapes. It’s quite tricky (by my standards) and I wrote something a while back that was supposed to do it, but failed. But I’m looking into it again because I think I can come up with a way of doing it using a bit of “hacking” (the original sense of the word). I’ll probably know today or tomorrow if it works.

“Draw Polygon on Shape” is not looking super promising at the moment. I can do it, but it produces a lot of artifacts. I’ll have to think about it a bit more.

I’ll have to leave “Draw Polygon on Shape” until 10.3. I think it’s possible, but it will take more than a day or two. So, I think better to get 10.2 out the door.

I’m making some revisions to the interface to make things easier for beginners. The operation panel will always be open when there is a selection, and only those operations relevant will be displayed. This is true for operation settings as well. When necessary they will be displayed. It shouldn’t affect anyone negatively I think.

The code changes for 10.2 are done. Now I just need to test a few things, update a few tutorials, and the help file. With luck it should be available in about a week.

I’m really pleased with how 3D Crafter 10.2 turned out. I think it makes 3D Crafter much more accessible to beginners.

It’s in certification at the Microsoft Store. Hopefully it will be available Friday (August 4th).

My extensions for 10.2…



Cheers Paul. What I have been waiting for before checking out 3D Crafter 10. By the way I think I recall you appreciating all things SE&CR. Have a look at these. http://forums.uktrainsim.com/viewtopic.php?f=363&t=147650

That’s great Paul.

I just wanted to mention that there’s an update to 10.2 coming out with quite a few bug fixes. It probably will be a few days still. It takes a while to work it’s way into the Windows Store.

Hi Jim,

Yes – I’d spotted those. Very nice. I’ll have to convert my old 54′ birdcage A set one day.

Richard mentioned my extensions might need regsvr32 run on each of the DLL’s to make them appear on the menu.
The installer is supposed to do that but I’ll check it again.


Small update to the installer now so that it registers the DLL’s.

The previous version required regsvr32 to be run on each of the DLL’s for them to appear in the extensions list

Same download link, just reinstall over the last version.

The new set of extensions from me are now available from the same links as above.

I’ll now only support version 10 from 10.2 build 1989 or later.
9.3 and 9.5 plugins are still available.

Thanks Paul. They work for me.

Maybe I could provide a link somewhere on the website?

Hi Richard,
You’re more than welcome to put them on the site.
There’s a set for 9.5 too…


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