3DCP Crashing


when you post a bug report like this, it helps to post your program and systems specs too: 3DC version, operating system and version, directX version, ram and swap file (virtual memory), video card and drivers, and any other data you may cosider relevant.


I’ve had a number of trubling performance problems. I seem to be able to make the program crash using what I consider basic operations. For instance, using the paint tool to fill individual facets of a shape, the program will crash. Trying to place object into the object library. The opertions seems to work, but the object never appears in the object window. Closing the program and invoking it again after this has happened, the program won’t initialize. Even after a reboot. If I manually delete the object library I created, it will initialize. How am I able to create a corrupted file so easily?

Are there memory issues involved here that I should be aware of?
Thank you

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