3DC10 – 64 Bit and a few more questions ?

Hi Richard,

Been a bit – but I’ve been with you since version 6… Hope all is well…

Just looking at 3DC10 for the first time… LOL – man – I miss those old axis controls from previous versions… Is 3DC10 a 64 bit application ? Also – going back to my pet peeve – texture mappings – is there any way you can add ZOOM an PAN to the actual CROP function – so we can make texture mapping a 1 step process instead of having to REMAP every single texture application ? Also – in the current UVREMAP function – there is no pan whatsoever which makes texture applications impossible – is there some new trick to PAN in this view ? I’m still on 9.5 and looking for a real reason to upgrade – I don’t think I’ve found it yet… Any input welcome…


Hey Scott – pretty sure you’ll recognize my username here lol.

I thought I’d check in and give this topic a bump and also express my interest… I’d really like to give version 10 a serious try, but not being able to pan and zoom in the texture mapping pop-up window like I was used to in version 9.1 (the version I’ve used until now) to be a huge road block to being able to seriously use the new version… I hope these are functions that will be restored at some point in the future.


I agree. I wanted to like V10. I haven’t uninstalled it… but I’m not using it either. I’m back at a prior release waiting for 10 to mature a bit more (IE; become as usable).

Hi Folks,

Hah – yep – howdy – on the most awful forum software I’ve ever used…

Just pinged Richard via Bug Report on 3DC10 issue – hopefully he responds…


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