3DC texturing woes.

Well, Paul, you have saved my bacon once again. I was dreading having to completely re-texture this model, but the plug-in did a great job.
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I am experiencing some difficulty in learning the new (to me ) texturing procedure in 3DC Pro. I assume the ‘experts’ apply texture roughly in the material pallette, crop and then fine tune it with UV mapping.I am finding this method rather slow and tedious, unless I am doing something wrong. It would be helpful to me if I could fine tune crop in the materiel palette, but the cropping increments are not fine enough. Can these cropping increments be adjusted to 0.001 decimal points rather than the default 0.1 decimal point? Any help would be appreciated.
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That is something that others of us have asked as well. I’m hoping at some time in the future that something will be done with this. In the meantime, I don’t usually bother with the UV Remap too much. I try to make my textures as I model and I use the ability to set the rectangular area directly by typing to adjust the mapped area. Not a perfect situation and no less tedious than remapping but it is very accurate and reproducable.

The up and down buttons default to .1, but you can enter whatever number is suitable.

A zoom on the initial texture crop would help a huge amount. Especially when you then need to apply that crop to several (perhaps 10-20) objects.

Gentlemen,thankyou for your response. I guess I will just have to persevere with UVMapping.
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I now have my model complete and installed in the Trainz programme, but the colours appear too shiny and metallic looking. The appearnce in 3DC looks 100%, so I assume it is something to do with the default lighting set-up in Trainz. Is there any way I can alter the ‘diffuse’, ‘ambient’ and ‘specular’ settings in 3DC with the click of a button and re-export, or do I have to re-texture the complete model with the new material settings?
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i can’t find any way to change the settings on the whole model..i might be wrong though..i think you have to do each texture indevidually…maybe bazza might know how to do it…

Use the dropper tool to select the material on the object you want to change.

Adjust the material specular color to 1 (no shine)

Select the object and run the update material plugin.

Re-export to Trainz

If you’ve used a single texture file for the whole model, select the whole hierarchy and run the update material plugin.

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