3DC Rider…Now Open!

I’ve thrown together another tutorial and sent you an e-mail with the whole package included.

Use it if you can, otherwise just toss it.

Have fun,

I have been working on this page at my site [img:3n9dam7b]http://www.jandscreations.com[/img:3n9dam7b]
for a while now. The whole idea of the page is to incorperate all the tutorials and user links to their site in one location. There is still a lot of work to be done but i went ahead and opened the page. it will be under construction for a while. If you have a web site and would like your link placed on the site, just post it here. if you know of any tutorials or have made some be sure to point them out to me…thanks and i hope you enjoy the site…here is the link…[img:3n9dam7b]http://www.jandscreations.com/3dcrider.html[/img:3n9dam7b]
3DC Rider

I see your bandwidth has run out. I had the same problem and had to upgrade my site.
I’d like to link back to you but this is a little inconvenient.
Do you have plans to improve your site, Pirate?


thanks for telling me about the bandwidth…i have never had a problem linking to the site…it showed that i was not even using half of the bandwidth….i upgraded the site to unlimited bandwidth and files and 1000 emails…if you have any more problems just let me know…

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