3DC Resource

As promised, I’ve opened up the 3DC Resource wiki – put anything there you like – rearrange as you choose ^_^ – it’s your wiki for the 3DC forums.

Being wide open means it can be edited by anyone, spamming idiots, so I guess you might need to email me if somebody trashes it so I can try to clean it up for you.

Those who are aleady members may be able to run backups for it.. you might want to check that ^_^

I look forward to catching up with y’all when my life settles down to a dull roar again ^_^

Have fun! ^_^

Now that this wiki is set up and getting some use, I am going to open it up so that anyone can edit it. Therefore people will not have to ‘join’ in order to add material or update the pages.

While it does leave it open to abuse by anyone ill-mannered and unkind enough to do so, I have hopes that won’t happen. ^_^

If things go very wrong, please pm me, (my email will notify me that I have a personal message) and I will try to come around and tidy up.

Ok the alternative to this is that at least one other person is willing to join as Admin.. that just means you can add members… and need to allow people to join when they request it, and you can save backups incase things go horribly wrong, heh heh. So if anyone want to admin (can be multiple people)… just pm me and I can give you admin priveleges, how much time and energy you put into that is still up toyou.

I have a heavy time a work ahead of me, and won’t have much chance to get around and edit, but the wiki was never meant for me anyway – my mission was to set it up and get it rolling .. so there you go folks, enjoy it! If you want to get creative and change the setup .. go for it ^_^

Once my workload is back down to a dull roar, I’ll be back to the forum and the wiki .. (but as a contributor/poster).


i just want to say you have done a great job with the resource site and i’m sorry you have so much work to do. i know how much work a site can be believe me..make sure you keep working on 3dc when you can. don’t work to hard, it takes all the fun out of life..

Thanks Pirate..

Just a wee contribution to the 3DC users, and particularly to the members of this forum…

It’s just that tag-line I use in my signature which has caught up with me .. (they’ve all ganged up on me at once!) but that’s just the nature of my job.. it will settle down again too.. ^_^

just remember when it gets as bad as it can get it can only get better…

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