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Well, I see pirate, you have signed on at 3DCR (I’m abbreviating from now on!) as pirate_100 and have set up your own space as pirates-cove (nice theme going there) ^_^ and Alan has joined as 3DC-Alan (Bazza, that might work for you too, e.g. 3DC-Bazza or Bazza3DC), and wmalder, you’re signed on too ^_^

I finally made it I’m on as Bazza-at-3DC.
I’ll grab a couple of images from the Morpheus that I haven’t posted on the 3DC for the front page.
Quite a few 3DC members contributed to these scenes, Les Patterson, James (Polybuilder), That other Richard and of course me. So one or two of these images may be OK for a while on the front page.

That other Richard is quite good with logo’s and stuff, maybe he could come up with something.

Have I got this right, to do this, do I create my own space, upload the images and then put a link to them by editing the home page?


Excellent! <!– s:D –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!– s:D –> just request to be added, and I’ll do it… and that’s great about the pics too – You can do pretty much what you said (certainly make your space) and you can link to it.

Putting another person’s images on your site, you need to be sure they are ok with it (i.e. get permission), and then give credit for the image by giving their name(s) or id(s)], and add used with permission.

Their work, (and that of each of us) is cover by the [img:307wcd0w]http&#58;//www&#46;creativecommons&#46;org/licenses/by-sa/3&#46;0[/img:307wcd0w]
Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0
which governs our site. Please be sure to read it, so you know what that means. This ensures that when we put up tutorials, models or images.. people can use them however they need to (print it out, download a pdf, if we offer it, and download models we may offer, etc.

This is one of the most ‘open’ licenses… I use a stricter one on my art site, requiring credit, and use for non-commercial purposes only. However, since we’re helping people to use 3DC for whatever purpose they choose. Generally, people tend to do what they want to anyway, but the more people who use these the better – sets a good example and keep waverers on track ^_^


Also, [b:307wcd0w]3dc_bullrdr[/b:307wcd0w] requested to be added, and I did.. but I don’t know who that is .. has not confirmed his email address. If anybody knows who that is.. please speak up ^_^

[BLOCKQUOTE class=’ip-ubbcode-quote’][div class=’ip-ubbcode-quote-title’]quote:[/div][div class=’ip-ubbcode-quote-content’]Also, 3dc_bullrdr requested to be added, and I did.. but I don’t know who that is .. has not confirmed his email address. If anybody knows who that is.. please speak up ^_^ [/div][/BLOCKQUOTE]

Could easily be someone who hasn’t actually joined the 3DC forum but is a 3DC user.


Yes, indeed it could. The main issue is, there is no need to join the 3DCR unless one is going to contribute in some way.

[b:2fbwvi1g]Just to Clarify:[/b:2fbwvi1g]

I reckon that 3DC User who wants to join and help should be allowed to – but keep in mind …

The Resources are available to anyone who visits the wiki(as far as I know) – i.e. it’s not necessary to be a member of that wikispace to benefit by it.

Being a member of the 3DCR wikispace means you can make, edit and delete pages and add, edit and delete links and files to the site. Members contribute content and links and help to maintain the wiki. It is not hierarchical like a forum, and any member can potentially damage. The only extra functions that are only mine as organizer are to add and delete members, and to delete the site, or pay for it to be upgraded to a paying site – (not likely.. empty pocketses <!– s;) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!– s;) –> )


So who ain’t stupid.
I just spent half an hour trying to upload an image.
Then I noticed the Join this space button…Doh.

I thought maybe a bribe was required.
Pehaps $1000 will get me in.
But hey…$800 is far to much
What do you want $500 for.
I mean, what could you possibly spend $100 on.

I offer $20 (Confedarate) and three Persil washing powder vouchers if you let me in.
NOTE…The vouchers may have expired ’cause they’re c.1960.



ROFL .. you’re in! sorry.. I was away .. mighty hunter at the supermarket.. bagged some great fruits and veggies, even some shredded wheat.. and brought back many wonderful shiny transparent skins .. uhm plastic I think they’re called..

erm andlt;__andlt; … andgt;__andgt; I hope I don’t get thrown off the forum for being so off-topic!

.. and yeah.. the expired Persil vouchers will do the trick XD hee hee – but you hold onto the Confederate $$ – might have antiquity value by now ^_^

maybe we need the other richard to make a bigger join this space button for bazza maybe big enough that it needs its own page…

Ok…thanks, I’ll get on with it tomorrow.
I’ve got The other Richard on MSN messenger at the moment but he’s set to Away.
I’ll try to catch him tomorrow.

I’m off to bed.


Hi Butterpaw,

Got a particular design in mind for a logo? I’ll be happy to help out.

Richard T.

Yeesh! it’s hard enough without putting it on another page! XD (Edit: that was in reference to a bigger join request button – I think Richard T. and I posted almost simultaneously)

The other Richard.. that’s a tough moniker surely we could do better by him <!– s;-) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";-)" title="Wink" /><!– s;-) –>

I’d wish Bazza a good night, but I’m way too late – however, I’m sure Mrs. B made sure he took the tablets. so everything will be OK. ^_^
now I’ve got to get away from this infernal machine and go push some furniture around (and dust bunnies maybe) ^_^

This is an idea for a logo I came up with:


I can resize it to 150×150 no problem.

This is great.. if you can sharpen up the image (imageshack may have added something when making a thumbnail… what I have in mind is to just add the name of the site (3DC Resource) to it by just pushing the letters up a bit, so I can add them below (evidently, the name of the site needs to be on the logo, because it will take the place of the site’s name.

(I’m aware I lost a bit of the white edging around your number/letters, but I really do like the white edging.

Let me know if you like the look of this:

If so, go ahead and prepare final copy of your letter logo with new placement, and I can then add the text at the bottom, and load it into the wiki.

Hint: increase your image t0 300px/inch, but still make it 150px square. It makes for a larger file but looks much, much better (crisper edges, etc) … and it won’t be all [i:k128od4q]that[/i:k128od4q] large. ^_^


I think the dark colored text might be easier to read.


This looks okay scaled down.

good looking logo richard t.

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