3DC Crashes on opening


I have windows 10 and 3DC9.3 runs well. I installed 3DC10 beta some time ago and all went well for a while, I have since reinstalled 3DC10 latest and although it installed OK the program won’t open, it crashes immediately. I tried reinstalling a previous beta but it still crashes on opening. Is there a log I or someone else could review to see what is occurring?
Thanks in advance

Here’s something to try: Uninstall 3DC 10 AND every item that says “3DC Prerequisites”. There could be more than one. Then reinstall 3DC 10.

Hi Richard
I apologize in advance for the tone of this post. Have posted this elsewhere with little positive support.

I’m unable to install 3DC10.

I had an earlier beta, installed which worked as expected for a beta. Following the next beta release I followed your instruction to ‘uninstall prerequisites’ but when running the latest setup file nothing is installed all that happen is 3DC9.3 starts in free mode then crashes, no sign of 3DC10. I’ve searched the registry and there is no mention of 3DC10 anywhere there.

I’m unable to download previous beta versions as the links are dead. Any positive ideas

Outside of the attempted installation 3DC9.3 build 1620 work fine.

This is becoming tedious, I purchased in good faith the upgrade to 3DC10 the best part of 6 months ago without being advised at the time that it was still in development, had I know I may not have proceeded. Financially it’s no large sum but the principle is off putting. I’m happy using 3DC9.3 but without the paid for update I’ll probably be looking elsewhere for its replacement.



I’m frustrated by these install issues myself. Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution. It seems to be a Windows issue. Something has changed in how installers work and I’m not sure if Microsoft will correct it or not. So, I need to look at other installer options.

Hi, have crash software on first run, error code #372. I tried install 3DCrafter93-1649.msi and 3DCrafter93.msi and same error #372, I unenstall and install again, same result! I have windows 10HE
can somebody help me? thank you

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