3DC crashes after creating edges


There is a new beta of 3DC available that MAY help with this. You’ll need the full download though since the smaller download does not include this fix.


I have 3DC Pro 4.22 and Windows ME. Put a cube in the scene, choose andquot;Point and Face Selection Toolandquot; toolbox on right side of screen, select one of the edges, choose andquot;Divide Selection in Object Operations, repeat for opposite edge, click on one point, press [CTRL] key and click on other point, try to choose andquot;Create Edgeandquot; in Object Operations, and 3DC crashes, performing illegal operation on Direct3D file. Jeffrey.

Richard developer/support will not be back until the 28.

Just upgraded to 4.22 today and have had exactly the same problem. This did not happen on 4.2.
Program finally slipped into compatability mode and was then able to finish creating edges.
system celeron 500, 128 meg ram, elsa gladiac 511 video card.

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