3DC – CGI movie scenes

There’s a little button on the animation toolbar that will save a scene animation as an AVI
There is information on this in the help text.

Although when I just tried it with 7.1.2 it didn’t work – I’m sure it used to be OK.

I have been using 3DC for a while and can build some quite complex models, but I make them and texture them and don’t do alot with them, however I have made a few items for MSTS etc, what I really want to do is produce CGI sequences, such like the ones you’d get in Star Trek or Stargate, ships flying through space, battle scenes etc

My question is how best is this achieved? Can 3DC animate and produce such a scene or do the models need to be exported to another program? If so any recomendations?

Thanks for any and all help,

Regards, Jack

You need to learn how to use one of the 3D engines such as Blitz 3D or Dark Basic Pro.
You can then import you models and write the code required to create the cut senes you need.
Models can be animated in 3DC or any other 3D animaion app.
For things like space ships these don’t really need any animation as you can write the code to move these objects around as required.


I’ve been cheating a bit thus far, animating the space craft to move between points. For the background I built a massive sphere and created faces on the inside and textured them with stars etc then I put the model in it, but it’s far too limiting. Also I need something easier to produce a movie a file to insert into a film, using say windows movie maker.

I will have a look at those programs Bazza,

cheers for the help,

Regards, Jack

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