3DC and Povray

I notice on the downloads page that 3DC 10.1 needs Windows 10 – probably explains why it won’t work on my clunky Vista desktop pc. I have installed a previous version of 3DC v10 on my Windows 10 laptop / tablet but I had a problem getting 3DC to find Povray. I think 3DC is looking for a specific location on a ‘C’ drive but as far as I know my little laptop / tablet doesn’t have one – just a decent size micro sd card for storage.

What I would like to know is, can 3DC be told to look in a specific location for Povray? I would like to know this before I install the latest version of 3DC.

Hope this makes sense!


3DC looks for a registry entry for POVRay. This one: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\POV-Ray.Scene\shell\open\command. That is supposed to contain the location of the POVRay exe. You could check to see that it is correct via Regedit (if you feel confortable with that).

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