3DC Alpha’s re-visited

Thanks, Bill. I checked out your above thread to U.K.Trainsim and a lot of helpful info there. Also, good for me as I am obviously not the only person having problems! – Yay.
Thanks once again, Paul. The absence of the alpha reference in the texture .txt was the problem with the alpha’s, but I have discovered the alpha component part texture must be on a separate 3DC to the rest of the model. I now have a completly alpha train loco!I usually try to make my model texture files on the one 3DC. The translucency is still proving a problem, just cannot seem to get my head around this one.I will keep on trying.
Tony, as with Paul’s reply above, your info was correct- thanks. I did not realise this directive was required and just assumed the Trainz .im exporter had done all that was required.I am now struggling to get my head around doing translucent windows in Trainz. It seems you export the window texture as a solid into Trainz and set up the opacity in the window config txt file. This involves building the windows as a seperate item. This info I have gathered from Trainz CCG 2006.Have you had any experience with windows/translucency with trainz?
I think a seperate book could be written to explain 3DC alpha’s/translucency – there seems to be a different and exacting process exclusive to each of the train sims.
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Trainz does horrible things to tranlucent parts.
You need to set a translucency value of 1 to 5 in order for them to be drawn before the rest of the model (solid or transparent)

Thanks, Paul. I will have a good play around with trainz translucency/transparency – it all seems a bit wish-wash and illogical at the moment, but hopefully perseverance will prevail.
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