3DC 9.5 user operations

Hi Richard,

I’m trying to recompile my 9.3 operations in VB6 to make them work for 9.5
I think I’ve set all the correct references and named the project TDCOperation95

It all compiles, I drop it into the operations folder but it doesn’t appear on the panel or the options list of operations.

Have I missed something?
Took me a while to work out where to put the scripts 🙂


I’m not sure if they can go in the extensions folder or not. Probably. I’m not 100% certain though. But they need to be registered with regsvr32. You could email one to me and I could check it out.

Hi Richard – support @ amabilis not working? which one should I use?

Was there a release note for 9.5 anywhere? just need to check I’m putting the files into the right folders.


Sorry Paul. So many things to do and I keep forgetting things. “amabilissoftware at gmail.com” is your best bet.

Scripts go in “Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Scripts”. Plugins\Operations should go in “Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions”. If you are creating a installer with Visual Studio 2017 it can be done quite easily. Just check on the installer I have for my extensions (github.com/amabilissoftware)

Basically in the installer just set the install location to: [PersonalFolder][Manufacturer]\[ProductName] and then set manufacturer to “3D Crafter 9.5” and the Product Name to “Extensions”. It looks a bit weird in the uninstall list, but it works. I’m sure there’s a better way but this works for me. (I suppose you could just hard code the install location like [PersonalFolder]3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions, but I didn’t try that.

I’ve yet to prove this works on another PC, but here are my custom plugins, operations and scripts for9.5 as an install kit. (about 775kb download)


I have 3DC 9.5 working on Windows 7

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