3DC 9.5 user operations

Hi Richard,

I’m trying to recompile my 9.3 operations in VB6 to make them work for 9.5
I think I’ve set all the correct references and named the project TDCOperation95

It all compiles, I drop it into the operations folder but it doesn’t appear on the panel or the options list of operations.

Have I missed something?
Took me a while to work out where to put the scripts 🙂


I’m not sure if they can go in the extensions folder or not. Probably. I’m not 100% certain though. But they need to be registered with regsvr32. You could email one to me and I could check it out.

Hi Richard – support @ amabilis not working? which one should I use?

Was there a release note for 9.5 anywhere? just need to check I’m putting the files into the right folders.


Sorry Paul. So many things to do and I keep forgetting things. “amabilissoftware at gmail.com” is your best bet.

Scripts go in “Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Scripts”. Plugins\Operations should go in “Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions”. If you are creating a installer with Visual Studio 2017 it can be done quite easily. Just check on the installer I have for my extensions (github.com/amabilissoftware)

Basically in the installer just set the install location to: [PersonalFolder][Manufacturer]\[ProductName] and then set manufacturer to “3D Crafter 9.5” and the Product Name to “Extensions”. It looks a bit weird in the uninstall list, but it works. I’m sure there’s a better way but this works for me. (I suppose you could just hard code the install location like [PersonalFolder]3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions, but I didn’t try that.

I’ve yet to prove this works on another PC, but here are my custom plugins, operations and scripts for9.5 as an install kit. (about 775kb download)


I have 3DC 9.5 working on Windows 7

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Hi Paul. I’m finding it impossible to install the 9.5 extensions. I’m getting an error message “Another version of this product is already installed”. Check in the Apps section to uninstall it and there is nothing there. I’ve tried the file from the link in the Amabilis Download area. The one updated 2017-08-03, it constantly ask to repair the Visual C installation then I get the error report. Scoured the registry to remove any extensions links too. I have tried the kit in the post above, that installs but I don’t get the Double Side plugin. Any help appreciated.

The one that asks for visual c is mine, and to install it you need to say yes to installing C. But maybe it is actually installed already.

Paul’s installs as “3DC Extra Extensions” I think. And I think mine is just “Extensions” with a company of “3D Crafter 10.2” (that’s a bit weird, but it was about install locations)

I’m 90% certain that the double sided plug-in is Paul’s. Is it an operation now? I see one of Paul’s that says “add faces to the back side of…”.

Sorry Richard I’m not making a lot of sense from your reply. Yes I’m asked to repair the “C” installation then the install hangs with the error “Another Version is installed” of the extensions. They are not. Had to give up on V9.5 as I was getting nowhere. I’ve gone back to 9.3 which installs the plugins no problem. I’ve now installed V10.2 ( I thought I read somewhere you can with 9.3 installed) and installed Paul’s extensions, and still no “Double Side” operation appears anywhere. Double Siding polys is an essential op for me. I could clone, flip and merge but that gets tedious, and is not always successful on complex shapes. Also whilst looking for answers I started up 3D Creator which I have not looked at for a couple of weeks, it’s now asking for payment on the Windows store. I thought it was free for life.

It is free for life if you purchased the Pro upgrade (for $0) before the end of the sale period. Either way, I’ll get it working for you.

I think in version 10 the “double-side” plugin is actually an operation. I’m guessing that it is for 9.5 also, but I don’t know for certain. Paul would have to answer that.

If it says “already installed” then it needs to be uninstalled. It should be SOMEWHERE in the uninstall list, but if it isn’t then what you can TRY is to delete the “3DCrafter 9.5” folder from your “Documents” folder, run 9.5 once and then try to install the Paul’s extensions again. But you need to uninstall my extensions and then re-install them also if you are doing this procedure.


Can you send me an email at “amabilissoftware” at gmail.com? Just so I know the email address that you purchased 3D Creator Pro (for $0) or the email address I need to give a free upgrade to.


I think I had to uninstall a C++ runtime library to get Richards 9.5 extensions to install

The download link for my 9.5 extensions is in one of the posts above:

Doubleside is now just an operation on the panel.

I’ve got 9.3, 9.5 and 10.2 all running on the same laptop with no conflicts that I’ve noticed

Paul I’ve had to go back to V9.3. After uninstalling everything including folders in the Documents folder, then trying V 9.5 and V10.2 I could not get your Doubleside plugin to show in either version. All your other plugins seem to be present in both versions. Yes, to get Richards extensions to install I had to uninstall a C++ library. I understand from previous posts your using Windows 7. I’m running Windows 10. Might this be an issue?

Hi Jim – I just installed 10.2 on win 10.

Richards extensions asked to install C++ libraries – that went through OK
My extensions gave lots of registration errors but not on all of them.

No sign of my extensions when running and I think a few of the train works ones are not their either (material manager ts engineer, material manager etc), though I may be missing the trainworks option button – it used to be on the misc tab?

I’ll try and fix my bit later today

Thanks for checking this Paul. Probably the same problem in 9.5 for me as well.

Sorry, I never checked Paul’s 9.5 plug-ins. Just 10.2.

On a side note I think that 9.5 is still pretty heavily used, based on download statistics.

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