3DC 9.3 Required Files ???

Hi Folks,

Well this was an unexpected surprise – just noticed 9.3 is available… What ate the applicable files to load and where do we get them ?

Looks like Paul’s “Brinkster” site is down – are his plugins available elsewhere ???

9.22 had an “Extras” package – is there one for 9.3 and is it required ???

Richard – I hope all is well with you – sir – and thank you…


Brinkster just killed the site with no warning, I’m a tad annoyed!

Here’s the link for 9.3 plugins…


Hi Paul,

Thanks so much as always !!!

I hope that new function that you made is included – I use it all the time now – “move all points to the first selected point” – VAST improvement over “Equalize”…


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