3DC 7.2 Alpha 4 Available

Thanks for the tip, Paul.

My 4 scripts are OK now.

Script undo and multiple objects selection are excellent upgrades.

A few things I noticed so far:
1) The msgbox doesn’t stay in front. As soon as the mouse is moved the msgbox goes to the back. It is necessary to select the box in the task bar and keep the left mouse button pushed to get to the msgbox for input.

2) CSGSelectFace, CSGSelectPoint are not defined for scripts

3) The group axis is not displayed (not yet in alpha4?)

Alpha 4 of 3DC 7.2 is only of use for plug-in/operation/script writers, so I am posting here.

In this version, applications of operations/plug-ins/scripts work. The object layers panel should also work. The edit control works, in general as does the operation adjustment tool (whatever I named it). Undo/Redo should also work. But that’s it. Nothing else works. So unless you are an operation/plug-in/script writer you won’t want this alpha

Download 3DC 7.2 Alpha 4

I still have work to do on exactly what has changed between 7.1.2 and 7.2.

I’d like this topic to be dedicated to scripting/plug-ins, please.

Attached is a list of changes to the scripting/plug-in api. This is the same document provided with Alpha 3.

Attached are some plug-in samples. These are the same ones provided with Alpha 3.


I’m curious to know if this version helps with the plug-ins that were failing for you due to complexity. I’m ready to look at them in detail. Just send me a copy and I’ll look at them while I’m flying to Canada.

Also, let me know which of the custom field information you need to access/change and I’ll give you instructions. I have added some of the functions back in to the scripting API, but most are still only available via the CSG.

Hi Richard – I’m getting an error 3265 when trying to run the new version:

[pre class=’ip-ubbcode-code-pre’]
09/03/2009 | 13:36:06 | Loading Texture: gwrtower.BMP 0 0 0
09/03/2009 | 13:36:06 | Creating Applier
09/03/2009 | 13:36:06 | Loading Object Library
09/03/2009 | 13:36:06 | Applier Terminated
09/03/2009 | 13:36:06 | Creating Applier
09/03/2009 | 13:36:06 | Not sure I like this
09/03/2009 | 13:36:06 | Messed this up… how to add !BoneSkinID before objects are loaded!!!!!
09/03/2009 | 13:36:12 | Error #: 3265 Error Description: Item not found in this collection. Error Location:

My fault – uninstalled but didn’t remove the folder from my documents. Working now – just testing the plugins.

Can you please tell me what’s wrong with the following script code:

[pre class=’ip-ubbcode-code-pre’]
Set ObjectA = Scene.GetSelectedShape(0)
If ( (ObjectA.GetSelectionCount andlt;andgt; 2) OR (ObjectA.GetSelectionType(0) andlt;andgt; CSGSelectFace) OR (ObjectA.GetSelectionType(1) andlt;andgt; CSGSelectFace) ) Then
‘ display error msg


There is a problem with GetSelectionType. I want to test that the selected items in the object are faces.
(‘ObjectA.GetSelectionType is not a collection’ error 451).

When the test is removed, the script works (at least with the very little number of tests I made).

You cannot use GetSelectionType(x) as an array or collection.

If 2 items are selected they must be of the same type.

[pre class=’ip-ubbcode-code-pre’]If ( (ObjectA.GetSelectionCount andlt;andgt; 2) OR (ObjectA.GetSelectionType andlt;andgt; CSGSelectFace) ) [/pre]

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