3DC 7.2 Alpha 3 Available

Originally posted by DOM107:
[pre class=’ip-ubbcode-code-pre’]
‘ For faces, some check that faces were actually selected
If ( (Scene.GetSelectedShape(0).GetSelectionCount andlt;andgt; 1) OR (Scene.GetSelectedShape(0).GetSelectionType andlt;andgt; CSGSelectFace)…
Set ObjectA = Scene.GetSelectedShape(0) ‘ first selected object
Set ObjectB = Scene.GetSelectedShape(1) ‘ second selected object
Set FaceA = ObjectA.GetSelectionItem(0) ‘ first selected item

I don’t think the last item is correct. I think:

Set FaceA = ObjectA.GetFace(ObjectA.GetSelectionItem(0))

That will get you the first Face object. GetSelectionItem just gets you the ID of the face selected.

Let’s continue this on the new Alpha 4 posting.

Alpha 3 of 3DC 7.2 has no real changes from Alpha 2, except for operation/plug-in/script writers. So, I’m posting it in the Plug-in Development forum.

This version works almost as badly as Alpha 2, so unless you are a plug-in writer you won’t want it.

Download 3DC 7.2 Alpha 3

I’m going to provide more information about what exactly has changed. I just have to organize it a bit. I tried to keep track of the changes in the scripting interface. This scripting interface is the one documented in the 3DC Help and used by script and plug-in writers. There were many changes, to bring it into line with the 3DC Scene Graph. The goal was to make it a sub-set (in effect) of the Scene Graph. But, since arrays and user defined types are not possible/convenient (to my knowledge) in scripting, there had to be differences.

I made no such effort with the standard 3DC Scene Graph. Anyone who has written an operation or plug-in using the 3DC Scene Graph can give it to me to fix, if you’d like. I’m sure it will be quick to fix for me.

I’d like this topic to be dedicated to scripting/plug-ins, please.

I’ve attached a document that covers most of the changes the scripting interface.

I’ve attached a few sample working plug-ins.


1) Is it possible to install alpha3 without removing alpha2?
2) I’ll read the changes later in the day or tomorrow to update my [img:1cg7trc0]http://amabilis.com/forumattachments/a/tpc/f/2336078974/m/57110454731?r=51510984731#51510984731[/img:1cg7trc0]
(I’m currently using it a lot for a 3D cab).
With the new selection features, it will be possible to select points from different objects. Right?

I think it should automatically upgrade 7.2 to 7.3. At least it’s supposed to work that way.

I haven’t done any updating or testing of scripts. You may want to hold off until I test that.

And yes, in this version you will be able to select points and process points from multiple objects. The ‘add triangle to edge’ shows this (with multiple edges).

Ooops! Yes, it’s a script not a plug-in.

In the GetValidation sub – Is there a way to indicate face or object selection is allowed?

or is custom code needed?

Leaving the GetValidation sub empty means I have converted my first plugin.

Unfortunately I did most of the work before you posted the API changes and samples so it took me a few extra minutes <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

Good to hear Paul. The differences between old and new with the scripting interface is mostly superficial, I think. It’s the CSG that had the big changes.

Unfortunately, the validation is pretty limited. I’ll expand it, if it is too limited to be useful. I’ll know better as I start getting the other plug-ins working.

After the installation, I receive this error: ‘#48’

I’d say probably 40% of my plugins can use multiple types of selection. It is useful.

My second plugin (Rivets) has been converted to work on multiple object/face selection.
The only problem is that the objects are created on the wrong side of the face – need to do a bit more checking of my code before I report it as a problem.


Error 48 is ‘error loading DLL’. Does 7.1.2 work for you? If so, than this is an odd one. Maybe we should wait to look at it until there is a beta out. This version really is an Alpha.


I’ll have to think about it a bit. If I make the change, how exactly I would do it. It can be achieved via flags easily enough, I suppose.

Hi Richard,
I seem to be missing a way to get the number of Custom fieldsin the scene that used to be in the 3DCapplication object.


Sorry, yes. It looks like many of those functions are missing.

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