3D printed WW2 Armoured Car

It’s been a while since anyone posted here, thought I test…

A model made in 3DC 9.3, 9.5 and 10…

and now exported to Shapeways for printing as a 3D model…


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Now I realise why no one has posted here for a while – sorry Richard, this forum is really rubbish.
It’s stopped me editing the first post and the captchas are tedious


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Ok… wait… is that the model or the printed version? Either way, it’s great.

So, what do I do about these forums?

PS: Ok… I see. A preview. 🙂

I think I made the forums better. Somewhat. By removing the recapture.

Much better thanks 🙂

I was also trying out new free image hosting sites to see if they worked here now that photobucket has killed sharing.
The first one took a while before it actually appeared in the forum post but it looks like they both worked eventually. Neither of those sites required a login.
imgbb.com seems to be slightly easier to use

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