3D Crafter to Train Simulator

I have made some sketches in Google Sketchup and converted to 3D Crafter. Is there a tutorial that explains what is required in the 3D Crafter documents to make them convertible to DoveTail Games Train Simulator 2017?

The Train Simulator Wizard is your best bet I think. It exports it to your “documents” folder I think, and creates a bunch of dummy files that need to be updated for your specific model. DoveTail Games has documentation of the process on their end.

Quite honestly, it has been a while since I have done this. So perhaps someone else could give some hints?

Is there anyone who can help out?

Through 3D Crafter, I have imported both some old TS Modeller and 3D Crafter models, and exported them as *.igs files, with the intention of incorporating them into my TS2018 (hopefully). Are you in a position to tell me what I need to do now to get them actually into the TS2018 world?

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