3d canvas tutorial contest…with prizes!!!

the directions and information can be found at the jandscreations forum in the 3DC catagory..you will have to register there to join the contest..all tutorials have to be placed in the contest fourm to be eligible for prizes..i will place links to all the tutorials here amibilis and on our rescource site..get the information for the contest at this link.. [img:2a56bwkq]http://www.freepowerboards.com/jandscreations/jandscreations-about79.html[/img:2a56bwkq]
rules and info for tutorial contest..

jandscreations is having a 3DC tutorial contest..all tutorials will be linked to our rescource site..everyone is welcome…you will have to register at the jandscreations fourm…there will be prizes for first place in each of the three catagories beginner, intermediate, and advanced plus a grand prize for the best overall…get more information [img:2ykjumzc]http://www.freepowerboards.com/jandscreations/jandscreations-about79.html[/img:2ykjumzc]

don’t forget to visit my site at [img:2ykjumzc]http://www.jandscreations.com[/img:2ykjumzc]

Great idea! <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

Ah, Pirate, that is such a nice idea! I’m not up writing to a full-fledged tutorial yet, but I’d be happy to try out any tutorials that are made for contest…

(and I will start putting quick tips (from the forums and anywhere available) into the resource site, as I said I would do)


maybe you could do one on the curved walkways you have been making they really looked good..there are a lot of beginners that would not even know where to start..the tutorials do not have to be full- fledged to be good..providing help is the main thing..think about it and if not then that will be ok…all of the tutorials people make for my forums can be linked from the rescource site if its ok with you..i don’t want to intrude..

Heh heh, Pirate, the tutorial is already done by Bazza! see, [img:95pw0mwp]http&#58;//amabilis&#46;com/forumattachments/a/tpc/f/4716078974/m/47710231141/p/1[/img:95pw0mwp]
Path and Walls – Request for Advice
(both pages one and tw0) which is what I used to make my little examples.

This is the reason I set up the wiki, while the forum is perfect for addressing a particular request, It does not lend itself quite so well to keeping tutorials ‘out there’ and easily accessible – they get buried very quickly. ^_^

i forgot about it already being done…the site i made is for the same reason so they don’t get buried…i got a new program that will copy and convert them to pdf format..then the files can be installed directly on a site..the program is called tomahawk it is pretty cool..the contest does last for six months so you could learn something cool in 3dc by then and make a short tutorial you never know…

I love that you have made another site with similar purpose, I think the more places you can find the tutorials and other resources, the better, and it doesn’t matter if some are duplicated.

I also make pdf with Adobe, but I’m not sure why an uploaded file is no longer accessible, and am guessing that since images and files for many of the older tutorials on the forum are now unavailable that perhaps the forum software does some ‘pruning’ .. I really don’t know for sure.. but have all the relevant files on the same site with a tutorial is the only way to ensure any sort of longevity and reliable availability ^_^

and as to your contest, yes, you never know XD.

i totaly agree with you and the rescource site is great…working together we can make sure that new tutorials will always be around and even older ones..remember if we can’t entice people to make new ones and share their knowledge then we are just stuck with old ones. this means a longer learning curve due to the trial and error approach..have a good day, butterpaw….pirate

Good idea!

I’m still around, I’ve just been on vacation.
I’ll start working on some tutorials A.S.A.P


Yay!! ^_^

cool spotaru,
i worked through your sword tutorial..it is a good one thanks a lot for taking the time to make it…

I’ll have a go too.

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