3d canvas screen to big.

Hmm, I don’t now. I haven’t really worked with .tga’s…

Hi,I have just put my 3DC up on the pc screen,to finish a model off,and i have selected,the view with 4 windows in it,to work off,and the 4 windows are there,but,but on my pc screen,the top left hand window of 3DC,fill`s the whole of my pc screen,and in the right hand corner,on my pc screen,i can just see the other three windows there.
Could any one please tell me what is causing this problem,so that i could get all the 4 views of the 3DC back on my screen.
So that i can see all the four windows at once.
I would be very gratefull if some one could sort this problem ot for me.
Many thanks,Howard.

Well, you have tried to change the size of the windows (by dragging the borders)?

Hi,Timo,thanks for the info,on the windows,on the 3DC,i have done what you said,and it has put the windows back to normal.
I did not know that you could drag the window borders in 3DC,
What is was timo,i was making a model phone box,for the sim,and i thought that i would try making a phone box,for the winter time,and because i renamed the texture of the box,every thing went daft,on the pc,
Then when i came to run 3DC the next time,i made a tga file for the box,then it said it would not let it into the 3DC,because the file was corrupt,i have made a new tga file with alpha channels,then even now,when i try to bring it into the 3DC to put on my model,it keeps saying the file is corrupt,yet it is a new tga file timo?.
Many thanks,Howard.

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