2 Questions re Ver9 & FSX

Question 1 – Can you confirm that if I create a model in ver9 Pro, I can directly export it as an MDL file for use in an FSX Scenery library program (eg Instant scenery3).

Question 2 – If I buy ver 9 Pro, will it be upgradable to ver10 when it arrives or will there be an upgrade cost. Just noticed discussion of Ver10 Beta’s in the forum. And as a follow up, how long will ver10 be before release – are we talking weeks or months!

Many thanks


And a third question!

Can it export to TRAINZ?




The FSX exporter is one of my plugins. It was working with 9 but I’ve not been able to test it recently as my FSX PC was upgraded to Windows 10 which killed FSX (Can’t find directx 9 error)
Not much has changed with that plugin since 3DC8 so it should all still work.

(Trainz was one of my plugins too but Richard looks after it now – that should still be able to export .im files)


Many thanks Paul. I am looking towards 3D crafter as I found it impossible to export from SketchUp via ModelConverterX. I did my first creation as a canal narrowboat and it was fine in Sketchup, It imported into ModelConverterX with no difficulties but when I tried to export as an MDL file it was 0kb and I got an error log which I cant’t understand! Am basically looking for a reliable scenery maker for FSX and am exploring possibilities. FSDS is one but that is restricted to FSX. Being a Trainzer, I would also like to make simple models for that program too. 3d Crafter seems very versatile and wass wondering if i would have more success with a commercial program that free one!

Kind regards

John (aka Yorkshire)

FSX basics from an old version of 3DC
FSX aircraft

I can probably provide examples of FSX or Trainz models if you need some to practice with.

Hi John,

I’ve exported tons of stuff to MSFS – LOL – didn’t realize Paul had a plugin – I just exported as Direct-X from 3DC and used the make model compiler in MSFS… I’ve done airport and scenery modeling – no planes…


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Many thanks Scott – will try that method.


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