100% off sale returns on that other 3DC Pro

Just letting you all know that 3D Creator Pro (the sister program of 3D Crafter Pro) is available at a 100% discount until the end of August.

This version is feature complete and based on Windows Store statistics quite stable:

Download 3D Creator for Windows 10

You can “buy” (for $0) the Pro upgrade on the “Options” tab. Yes, it costs $0, and when you have it, you have it. It doesn’t expire.

If you have 1080p or higher this is a good choice for you. It works pretty well on 768 as well, but probably you will need to minimize the ribbon and work with the right-click menu mostly. That’s the most efficient way to use it anyhow. 90% of what you do would be available from right-click (or at least that was the goal).

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