• I have registered 3DCrafter Plus/Pro. Where do I download the additional Plus/Pro features?

    Starting with 3DCrafter 9, there is no need to download additional features. All features are enabled by entering your license code via the Help menu.

  • I have registered 3DCrafter Plus/Pro. Where do I enter the license code?

    To enter your license code select Enter License Code from the Help menu. A window will then be displayed where you can enter your name and this license code. You need not enter your exact name, but the license code must be entered exactly as provided. Once you have entered this information, click OK, and restart 3DCrafter.

  • How do I upgrade to 3DCrafter 9?

    3DCrafter 9 is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased either 3DCrafter Pro, 3DCrafter Plus, 3DCrafter Trainworks, or a version upgrade July 1st, 2010 or later. If you are entitled to a free upgrade, your license code for 3DCrafter 8 will also work with 3DCrafter 9. If you purchased before that date, or would like to upgrade from 3DCrafter Plus to 3DCrafter Pro 9.x, you can purchase an upgrade here for $34.95.