Another Update

I just released another update of 3DCrafter. This version automatically repairs corrupt 3DCrafter documents.

RenderMan Update

I just received an email from Pixar about the new RenderMan. It has been delayed until 2015, which is disappointing.

Awaiting RenderMan

I received an update from Pixar today: “Right now, RenderMan is in beta testing, and we are looking forward to making it available to you as soon as we have met Pixar’s quality standards.”


I’m looking forward to the free version of Pixar’s RenderMan. 3DC’s RenderMan export has always been a bit of struggle for me. Blue Moon Rendering Tools was the original target, but it was shut down by Pixar as part of a legal settlement. In my opinion, there never was a good free replacement for it. Until now. Hopefully I can get a good working exporter by mid August. More sophisticated features will come later this year.

Request for Input on Texture Baking

I’ve implemented the new Texture Baking feature using examples provided by POV-Ray. I think it needs tuning still. The POV-Ray files are not deleted after a render. They are in “c:/users/your username/appdata/roaming/3DCrafter”. The render uses radiosity as well as ray-tracing. It may work better just with ray-tracing alone. Also, the lighting could be varied to produce better results. If anyone familiar with POV-Ray would like to play with the results, all you need is right there. I’d appreciate input.

Pixar’s RenderMan

Pixar’s RenderMan will soon be released for free for non-commercial use. I’m working on adding better support for RenderMan to an upcoming release. In 3DCrafter 9.4 there will be a “Render” button much like the current POV-Ray “Render” button. I will also try to improve support for RenderMan shaders.

Texture Baking Complete

I finished the new texture baking plug-in yesterday. I can’t say that I am 100% happy with the results. The plug-in works well, in my opinion, but the POV-Ray results need post-processing because they are speckled. Also a relatively high polygon model is required for good results. I don’t think there is anything that I can do to improve the results.

Texture Baking Progress

I had some success today with texture baking. The attached image isn’t much to look at, but it is the results of my first texture baking. Assuming I don’t run into anything unexpected, there should be a new version of 3DCrafter Pro this month that includes texture baking.