Back to 3DCrafter 10 Classic

It looks like 3DCrafter 9.5 is stable, so I’ll get back to work on 3DCrafter 10 Classic. I have a couple of critical bugs, and few enhancements to do before I will release a beta. With luck it will be about a week.


I decided to retrofit support for JavaScript to version 9.5. So, one more release in quick succession.

3DCrafter 10 Classic

A new version of 3DCrafter 10 with much of the classic 3DCrafter interface will soon be available. The installer has passed certification at the Windows Store and should be available any day. For more information:

Open Source and GitHub

The Amabilis Software GitHub repositories are available at This includes the Open Source extensions for 3DC and a fork of ArcManagedFBX. ArcManagedFBX is a .NET wrapper for the Autodesk FBX SDK. It was used exclusively for importing, so there were quite a few changes to permit exporting. The wrapper changes were probably half the job of writing the exporter for FBX. It probably would have been faster to just write a pure exporter without the SDK. But, going through the SDK ensures that the FBX file is written exactly to Autodesk standards.

Open Source

I just created a public repository on GitHub ( I’m planning to open-source all future extensions. Included is the source for the new Autodesk FBX exporter, several other new and improved exporters (Alias OBJ, Collada DAE, AutoCAD DXF), and a sample processing extension. The source is in C#.

3DCrafter 9.5 Beta 1 Available

9.5 Beta 1 is now available for download. This version supports user created extensions even in the freeware version. The upcoming FBX exporter will be open source and be available for the freeware version of 3DC. The freeware version now includes all the Train Simulator related exporters.

FBX in 3DC 9

I have the new (very basic) FBX exporter up and running in 3DCrafter 9. I had to move a few minor features from 3DC 10 to 3DC 9 to get it to work. That means that it will only work with the upcoming 3DC 9.5. But 3DC 9.5 is very similar to 3DC 9.3, so there won’t be a learning curve.